Hi there! You can call me phlegmo, or Theo!

I'm 21 years old and you can refer to me by he/him if the need arises. If you couldn't already tell this is primarily my petz site! I enjoy making bad animals out of circles. I play on Petz 4! While I haven't created show names for my crew nor have I entered any shows, my prefix is A Viscous Web's. If you're feeling fancy and want to add it in to stuff you've gotten from me. I don't really mind either way!

Outside of my virtual pet hobbies, I'm an independent cartoonist, musician, game developer, crocheter, etc.! My main website is its3oe.com. check it out, or don't. I won't know unless you tell me.

I'm not the most familiar with all of the little subtleties of the PC. This doesn't mean I'm unwilling to learn! Apologies if you attempt to contact me and I don't know what you (or I) am talking about; I tend to dwell within my own little world without much regard to any sort of "standard" playstyle.

Things I like in petz are: unique breedfiles, arthropods, custom textures, lots of colors, non-standard shapes (don't care about janky animations), catz, green, looooong snouts, funny hexes, etc.

If you want to reach out about a trade, email me at phlegmospetz@gmail.com!

+ my button if you want to link back here!

<a href="https://phlegmo.neocities.org"><img src="https://64.media.tumblr.com/e13f8221990ee29a3ee1a25195ae385b/1c19478a8418fc5b-af/s100x200/2d3318d61fcc2f020d6c354177fc8d3e9a4064dc.png"></a>